DIY Credit Repair – Improve Your Score

By Cheryl Adkins

If like many of us, your credit score is less than perfect, there are several ways you can improve it. Now you could hire a credit repair company to help you with this, but I suggest you save your money. Realistically, there is not much they can do for you that you can’t do for yourself, if you just know how. Sure, they’ll charge you lots of money and 2 years and $2000 later your score won’t look any better than if you had saved yourself the $2000 and done the work yourself.

Improve your payment history

1. Start making our payments on time and avoid late payments at all costs.
2. Clear up past bills quickly paying off high interest bills first. This saves you money in interest fees and reduces your total debt and time needed to pay off debts.
3. Contact your creditors to see if a lower, more manageable payment can be arranged.
4. Ask if charge-offs can be removed from your record and accounts reopened.
5. See if creditors will erase late payment entries when you start paying on time.

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Decrease outstanding debts

1. Pay debts that have higher interest rates first.
2. Keep balances low and keep revolving debt such as credit cards to 30% of available credit.
3. Never close old unused accounts quickly. This can have a negative effect on your score.
4. Close accounts slowly and check your credit report to be sure the closed accounts are listed as closed by consumer.

Get a better history

If your credit history is new, do not open a lot of accounts quickly. Creditors perceive this as a sign that you can not manage your credit.

Manage credit effectively

1. Don’t open a new account with a large credit limit but rather confine your account at a medium limit.
2. Do not open too many accounts at once.
3. Consider credit payments when making your budget.
4. Do not apply for too may accounts at once since these inquiries can negatively affect your score.

Keep a proper mix for the right results

1. Too many installment loans reduce your score since the payments remain the same overtime.
2. A combo of credit cards and installment loans is it ideal mix. However, manage the cards effectively, staying within the 30% of available credit range. Pay these balances quickly.
3. Open a savings account. This action will encourage your creditors to think you are saving money to pay down your debts.

Finally, remember to make your payments on time and monitor your credit report. Remove any errors from this report.

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